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16 January 2009 @ 11:23 pm
Translation - Persona 4 Club: Naoto  
Here's a translation of Naoto's profile, from the set of scans shared by kinotachi recently.

SPOILERS for everything related to Naoto and a little bit of Kanji (S-link around rank 5).

[Edit] After reading Kanji's profile page I realised I messed up a bit for Naoto's one orz. Fixed now, and reworded some bits for consistency's sake. Will link back here when I post Kanji's profile translation.

I posted some lopsided images with the translations so it won't be just one giant block of text here. Please let me know if you want to repost anything here to anywhere else. I have a habit of tweaking translations even after I've posted them, so that would make damage control a lot easier for me. Feel free to let me know if there are any mistakes.

First up is the profile which I've translated before.

[T/N: This is somewhat like a cross between a school database and a social networking site profile. After reading Kanji's one, I realised that each profile is written in the character's own handwriting and is supposed to be from the character's own POV. 

Naoto's Profile
Naoto's Profile

Nickname: Detective Prince

Gender: No comment

Date of birth: 1995/4/27

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Height: 152 cm

Weight: Private information

Bloodtype: B, Rh negative

Famous person resembled: Paku Romi

Preferred genre of books: I probably have a lot of detective novels related to my work

Likes: High places. I guess I'm the 'smoke climbs to high places' kind of person.
[T/N: From what I can tell, the phrase literally means 'smoke climbs to high places' and may refer to people who like to travel or may refer to how one can get a really good view from a high vantage point.]

Dislikes: Pointless things and wastefulness. The distorted social structure in society now.

Weakness: Wearing a completely female outfit, or rather, anything with a high level of exposure.

Comment: My forte is mechanical work. I have been doing it since young.


Extra stuff on the right:
Friends list: Main Character, Teddie, Hanako, Kanji, Ayane, Rise (but why Hanako and Ayane?)

Social groups: Fans of Linux; DIY PC Assembly; Fans of Description Tricks (okay I don't know the english term for this but this refers to a mystery stories writing technique where the author uses descriptions and phrasings to mislead readers); Fashion Newbies (lol did Rise pull her into this).

Mail notification: New mail from Rise about going to some fair.


The next part is a mini-essay on Naoto. It's from the page with pictures of her Persona.

The little bud which continuously wishes to bloom into a strong, huge tree.

Her goal is her grandfather. A promising detective, she has solved numerous cases with her cold logic and has made the Shirogane name well known. She has been playing make-believe detective games since young where everything that happened around her was a Big Incident. Her childhood aspiration to become such a detective did not fade even as she grew older. Instead, it only became stronger.

However, one day Naoto realised something. No matter how good a detective she is, people will not admit that a child was right. The fact that she is female will only betray her forever. When she was thrown into the TV in the process of her investigation, that repressed side of her was going to alter her own body to that of a male's. As things were approached the point of no return, it became a source of motivation to her.

She is the fifth generation of the famous detective family, the Shirogane family. In the whole family, she especially admires her grandfather. When she was young, she naturally assumed that she will leave her name on that prestigious family tree too. Using her excellent analytical skills and brain, she is currently working as a professional detective while actively attending high school, leading the investigation for various complex cases.

However, because she was more outstanding than the other adults in a society of adults, the young Naoto's contribution to the investigation was frequently ignored by the police. Even when she transferred to Yasogami High, with her future prospects in mind, she wanted to start an investigation led by herself at all cost as the investigation dragged on. In the end, when she was thrown into the TV in the process of her investigation and saved by the self-styled Special Investigation Team who knew she was acting as a decoy, she revealed her true reasons for her obstinacy. Despite her clumsiness, she gradually integrated into the team as the brainy one. The efforts she made to hide her real gender are evident in many areas. She normally wears a guy's outfit and she tries her best to cultivate a masculine aura. She diligently continues to hide her gender by wearing platform boots to hide her school girl height, using the brim of her hat to shade her eyes and hiding her bust to the extent Rise has said 'The measurements must be wrong.'


Next few pages are mainly fan art with a small section on each page with has various information. I'm summarizing those I don't think are very informative and translating those I find cracky interesting.

At the bottom of the next page, there is a short section with a picture of them while they doing the health checkups. The text there is mainly about speculating about Naoto's bust size (Is it bigger than Rise's expectations? Is it smaller?) without anything being actually revealed. So, you know, think what you want :).

Next one has a picture of Naoto in the guys' summer uniform. The text mainly talks about Naoto joining your party quite late, hence your chances of see her fighting in the guys' summer uniform is quite small. Your chances are only on October 8 and 9.


Next one up is dungeon conversations!

Conversations with Naoto in the dungeons

Blurb summary: Starts off by commenting that since Naoto joins you quite late, it's easy to miss her random dungeon conversations. However, Naoto's charm is hidden in those conversations. These conversations depends on who else is there.

Starting with the line directly below the blurb and going clockwise. The lines here are supposed to show the many sides of Naoto; cute, sarcastic, insensitive, childish, scheming, idiotic.

'The amount of meat you can eat... I take my hat off to you.'
Conversation with Chie (Chie's S-link on rank 1), with Naoto present. Naoto misunderstood the meaning of 'special training'. It's probably not that surprising.

'Does it have anything to do with Tatsumi-kun?'
Conversation with Naoto (Naoto's S-link on rank 5), with Chie present. Chie noticed that MC and Naoto have been friendly with each other lately, and said to herself that Kanji was in trouble. Kanji was teary-eyed too.

'I-Is that so...hehe.'
Conversation with Naoto (Naoto's S-link on rank 7), with Kanji present. When her homemade Detective Badge was praised.

'Umm...I made this...I would appreciate it...if you eat it.'
Conversation with Naoto (Naoto's S-link maxed and in special relationship). Like a normal girl, Naoto's cute when she's trying hard.

'Tatsumi-kun isn't capable of accomplishing anything on his own.'
Conversation with Kanji (Kanji's S-Link on rank 2), with Naoto present. Even so, MC plans to stick up for Kanji who's not trusted by the police.

'Satonaka-san is actually thinking!?'
Conversation with Chie (Chie's S-Link on rank 7), with Naoto present. Naoto playing the role of the straight man when Chie is thinking.

'...No, it will be useful when you want to take advantage of their weaknesses.'
Conversation with Teddie (Teddie's S-link on rank 5), with Naoto present. This is the reason why the mayhem during the school trip was filmed on video.

T/N: Okay, I don't remember any filming being done during the school trip? Anyone got this conversation before? I can't even find the transcript of the full conversation anywhere.
Also, since the lines here are translated from the Japanese text, they may not be word for word exactly the same as what you get in the game. I've not seen most of these dialogues, so I'm not exactly sure how you get them. So 'conversation with Chie, with Naoto present' might mean you choose to talk to Chie and Naoto joins in.
If anyone's wondering how many of these random dungeon conversations are there, the anwers is many. I found some transcripts online (in Japanese), as it seems like every party member (other than MC, and I've not seen any for Rise) has about 30-50 of these conversations. The conversation depends on what rank your S-link with the person is and who the other person is. For example, when you talk to Kanji with Naoto there, you can get 10 different conversations depending on Kanji's S-link rank. When you talk to Naoto with Kanji there, you get another 13 different conversations (more since there is a special relationship option.). At the same rank, the character's conversation with everyone revolves around the same topic. For example, Teddie on rank 5 talks about the school trip in each conversation.
Bonus: Most of the lines actually don't make much sense to me until I read the full conversation, so here are those that I found. Transcripts found on various sites.
Chie (Rank 1) and Naoto
Chie: Shall we have special training session here? Since my house is too narrow.
Naoto: Special training... I should have known.
Chie: Nah, I'm not that great~!
Naoto: The amount of meat you can eat... I take my hat off to you.
Chie: Huh, wait, what are you thinking?
Naoto (Rank 5) and Chie
Naoto: Thinking back about it, I really feel bad. Why didn't I realise that it was written with invisible ink? My brain must be too stiff.
Chie: Somehow... those two seem rather close lately... Kanji-kun, there's trouble ahead.
Naoto: Does it have anything to do with Tatsumi-kun?
Chie: She's slow. N-No, it's nothing.
Kanji (Rank 2) and Naoto
Kanji: By the way, those cops who were questioning me before have been hanging around again lately...
Naoto: I don't know what they're suspecting you for but they must be blind to think that you're guilty.
Kanji: Na-Naoto...!
Naoto: Tatsumi-kun isn't capable of accomplishing anything on his own.
Kanji: ...Wha-What do you mean by that!?
Chie (Rank 7) and Naoto
Chie: ..... Ah, so-sorry. I don't know why I'm spacing off...
Naoto: Satonaka-san, are you alright? Don't overwork yourself.
Chie: Ah, no! I'm totally fine! I'm just thinking...
Naoto: Satonaka-san is actually thinking!?
Chie: ...Isn't that a little mean?
Naoto (Rank 7) and Kanji
Naoto: Um, if you want to talk...
(Naoto seems to be hiding something.)
Kanji: Hey, show me that badge you were hiding just now.
Naoto: Huh, i-if you want to ask me about it...
Kanji: It's handmade, isn't it? I think it's really detailed and well made.
Naoto: I-Is that so... hehe.
Special bonus: Because I find these dialogues cute and by the end of this it should be pretty obvious who are my favourite characters :3. Please note that none of these conversations are actually in the scans.
Kanji (Rank 5) and Naoto
Kanji: I wonder what should be next after the rabbit? Ah, you know... that kid was really happy. So I thought I might try making a some more... that's all.
Naoto: ...Based on what you just said, I infer that Tatsumi-kun gave something to a child, didn't he? A rabbit... in this case, it's probably not a live one so it refers to a soft toy. Besides that, since he said 'try making', it means that he had a hand in making it...
Kanji: Wait, don't just simple analyze it like that! Yo-You-re wrong! What sort of reasoning is that, you were totally off.
Naoto: ......
Kanji: Ah... I-I was lying. You're right.

Kanji (Rank 7) and Naoto
Kanji: Oow... my shoulders feel stiff. I'm not used to this.
Naoto: If you like, shall I massage them for you?
Kanji: Huh!? ...N-N-N-N-N-No, it's okay! I can't afford that!
Naoto: I see...
Kanji: Ah...no... I'm such an idiot.
Naoto (Rank 3) and Kanji
Naoto: ...About the letter that was in my shoebox, I looked over it carefully once I got home. As expected, it was... those kind of letters. I don't think it has anything to do with the other incidents.
Kanji: Letter...? Wa-Was it from a guy!?
Naoto: No, the sender's name was a girl's name.
Kanji: I, I see...
Naoto (Rank 4) and Kanji
Naoto: Phantom Thief X... the name seems like a joke. However, he could break into the Shirogane estate and steal so he must be quite capable. I wonder if there's anything we can do besides waiting for his next move...
Kanji: Are you using your brain again? Sometimes, you should just use your strength and approach it with a bang.
Naoto: ...In those situations, I'll be counting on you, Tatsumi-kun.
Kanji: Yeah, you can leave it to me!


Next one up is a Q&A thingie.
 Q: Since the Christmas cake turned out okay, does that mean that Naoto's cooking skills are superb?

A: Actually, Naoto's cooking skills aren't that great especially when it comes to baking since she hasn't done it much. She's the type who will succeed because she seriously follows every step that's written in the recipe. So, when they were baking the Christmas cake, Naoto initially left the task to the three other girls who seemed so confident and just watched them. However, halfway through she noticed that things weren't going the way they should ('Why is it red?' 'Aren't you going to taste it first?') so she quickly grabbed a recipe book and guided them by telling them to follow the recipe.

Q: Is Naoto her real name?

A: Yes, it is. However, her parents didn't name her that with the intention of raising her as a boy and hiding her real gender. They thought that 'Naoto' was a fairly androgynous name. They thought that since she might grow up to be a detective, they should avoid girly names like --ko.

Q: Will Naoto wear the girls' uniform after Christmas?

A: Depending on the MC's choice, seeing Naoto in a sailor uniform is a Christmas limited special for only the MC's benefit. She continues to go to school in her usual uniform. By the way, the uniform was selected by Yakushiji-san so the skirt is longer than the norm nowadays.


Next part is from Naoto's POV - Naoto's three keywords
The Shirogane family
Every generation of the Shirogane family has worked as detectives. However, we did not label ourselves as detectives from the start. In this modern times when science-based investigation is the norm, the Shirogane family has a large reserve of specialised knowledge from the past. So, when organisations which prefer policemen from that era contact us, we lend them our strength, that is, we contribute our knowledge and techniques. Due to that, we have come to be known as detectives in this era. The word detective might seem a little shady but my ancestors, my grandfather and I are just normal people. Occasionally we work as detectives, but we're no different from everyone else. Therefore, if people confuse us with fiction, expecting us to be part of a secret organisation to save the world or thinking that we are a clan on a special mission, to be honest, it's troublesome.
This is how it is for the Shirogane family. Basically, the head accepts a request from the police and then we help solve the case. That is the work of a detective. Normally, the title of detective is something one chooses to call oneself. For example, like the 'Special Investigation Team', there are many who choose to give themselves that title based on the situations they're facing. Regarding our work with the police, most of the time we won't be present during the initial stage of the investigation, so the police will share the results of their investigation with us. We will spot anything they might have overlooked, try to come up with a new approach, visit the scene of the crime personally to investigate and collect information. Since we are just 'helping' them, we cannot make arrests.
We accept a lot of requests, both from organisations and individuals, and the details of the requests are varied. However... we decline requests such as simple extra-marital affairs, a person's behaviour or anything to do with sabotaging a business.

To be accurate, Yakushiji-san is the previous generation's... that is, my grandfather's secretary [T/N: The word here can also mean butler.]. Although he's young, he lives up to my grandfather's expectations so he's actually a capable person. Yakushiji-san has been working for my grandfather since before I was born. He has served three generations; my grandfather, my father and I, so he's practically a family member now. When my father, who was supposed to become the fifth generation head of the family, died with my mother in an accident, it was Yakushiji-san who was there with me. Since then, he has been worrying over me, so I'm really grateful to him. ...However, lately he has been worrying too much. Yakushiji-san is a lot younger than my grandfather, so if it's possible, I would like him to continue looking after me.


Last but not least, a conversation between the characters.

What kind of person is Naoto?

[T/N: Despite the header, I don't think this has much to do with Naoto's personality

Rise: Naoto should wear girly clothes some times. You should learn from Nanako-chan.

Nanako: Is Naoto-kun going to wear girls' clothes? Nanako-chan wants to see~!

Rise: See, even Nanako-chan is asking. Besides that, if you don't get used to it you won't be able to do it when you have to. It's like doing make-up. You'll be in trouble when you go on a date, won't you?

Naoto: Dat-! No, I won't... That's not like me...

Chie: Hmm....? Why are you looking at him...?

Yukiko: It's okay if you just want to wear something that suits your work and is easy to move in, but if you wear something different from the usual, your mood might change too so it could be good.

Yosuke: What a shame. You'll definitely be stunning. So, you totally don't wear girl clothes at all? Or have you never worn them before? Not even a skirt? Even Satonaka wears them.

Chie: Leave me out of this! And what do you mean by 'even'?

Yosuke: At times like this, how about shopping at my place? We have a young woman's apparel section so we have a wide range of products. Naoto-kun will be happy when she looks cute. Everyone will be happy to see Naoto-kun like that. At the same time, I will be happy because I got a customer. Everyone will be happy.

Teddie: Would you rather wear Teddie's specially reserved dress? It's a lovely, flowy, heart-stopping dress, I'm sure it'll suit Naoto!

Naoto: N-No, that sort of girly thing is... I'm already at my limit with this.

Kanji: Uooh!

Rise: Hey, that's too much! How dirty of you, nose-bleeding at just a sailor uniform... Naoto, you too. That's too strong a shock for a block-headed teenage boy like Kanji, so cover up that  'wrongly measured' bust of yours!

[T/N: This part totally makes me want fic where Rise becomes a good friend of Naoto and tries to matchmake her with Kanji :3]

blue catfayette_nudusk on January 16th, 2009 08:39 pm (UTC)
I-I think you LJ cut died as my flist just exploded with your post D:
C: p4 naotochikotori on January 16th, 2009 08:41 pm (UTC)
Apologies. I was editing and it failed on me. Fixed now.
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wo shi xiao long baorental_daughter on January 16th, 2009 08:44 pm (UTC)
Wow. @__@ Thanks for translating this. -proceeds to read everything-
kinotachi on January 16th, 2009 08:47 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much for translating this. If I remember correctly, you wanted me to upload the Kanji's version of this too, right? I'll do it as soon as I can.

Ah man, how come the Japanese/Japanese literate people get spoiled with all this great stuff but we in the rest of the world are deprived of it (unless someone such as yourself kindly translates it) ;_;

I liked it when Yosuke says "Naoto-kun will be happy when she looks cute. Everyone will be happy to see Naoto-kun like that. At the same time, I will be happy because I got a customer. Everyone will be happy."

They really keep everybody in character really well.
kinotachi on January 16th, 2009 08:49 pm (UTC)
Oh, and the lopsided images are my fault. No matter how straight the book looked in the scanner, they always came out a little off...
(no subject) - chikotori on January 17th, 2009 08:11 am (UTC) (Expand)
kinotachi on January 16th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
Oh man, triple posting! Well, unless someone else posts in the meantime. Waffling aside, I've save this post as a PDF if anyone's interested:
Miss Miako: Calm Smilemiss_miako on January 16th, 2009 09:23 pm (UTC)
You are so awesome &hearts Thank you for sharing the scans and uploading this post~
churched on January 16th, 2009 09:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much for this! It was quite interesting, as well as cleared up a few questions I had about Naoto. :)
Miss Miako: B&W Yousukemiss_miako on January 16th, 2009 09:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for sharing this! And kinotachi for sharing the scans. I really enjoyed reading it. ^__^
elisabell_angel: What?elisabell_angel on January 16th, 2009 09:20 pm (UTC)
Wow this actually was cute. Have anyone else's profiles been posted? What is this from? A fanbook?
kinotachi on January 16th, 2009 09:27 pm (UTC)
It's from an official book made by Atlus and Famitsu (as was the Official Design Works). It's called "Persona Club P4" and is absolutely packed with information on everything from the main characters to the random NPCs. It even has a map of Junes (which I've scanned and uploaded to this comm) and re-renders of the P4 locations in superior graphics (looks almost real).
(no subject) - elisabell_angel on January 16th, 2009 11:58 pm (UTC) (Expand)
girl singing in the wreckage: and every time the cops drive bysamhatesyou on January 16th, 2009 09:22 pm (UTC)
o-oh my god Kanji you are too adorable.

Also, Naoto is a female Nanjou. I can see her no other way now. Yakushiji-san is going to become her Persona
C: p4 naotochikotori on January 17th, 2009 08:20 am (UTC)
Yakushiji would be a much better-looking Persona.
solar_panda on January 16th, 2009 09:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks to both of you for this. The conversations were really cute (I only ever seem to get party member + fox when I'm in a dungeon, though).
kinotachi on January 16th, 2009 10:00 pm (UTC)
I think it depends on if there's a combination ripe for a dual-dialogue thing, if you see what I mean. Like when I had Chie and Yukiko awkwardly discover that they'd both been in my room because I'd maxed them both as romantic S.Links. I guess that you managed to avoid the variables lining up like that.
(no subject) - chikotori on January 17th, 2009 08:22 am (UTC) (Expand)
tohru on January 16th, 2009 09:49 pm (UTC)
love it! thanks so much, i love kanji and naoto X3
kinotachi on January 16th, 2009 10:05 pm (UTC)
✩ I'LL BE TAKING YOUR SOUL!: chie ⇒ it's time to d- d- d- duelatoli on January 16th, 2009 10:25 pm (UTC)
you are my hero. thank you so much for this.
秋沙雨: Persona 4 | Got Your Backakisazame on January 16th, 2009 11:01 pm (UTC)
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I should have written more requests then :P
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quarryman28quarryman28 on January 17th, 2009 12:19 am (UTC)
Naoto is love.

Love that last section, especially.
rare_dreamerrare_dreamer on January 17th, 2009 01:42 am (UTC)
Thank you soo much! I tried to translate this on my own and I failed. Thank you! And write that fic where Rise tries to matchmake Naoto and Kanji!!
Cchikotori on January 17th, 2009 08:29 am (UTC)
I was a little daunted by the mini essay part cos it was so serious and dramah and my brain just kept going i want crack~. The dungeons convo part was fun though :D.